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The Foundation of an AI Control Tower: Data Lakes

We recently introduced AI Control Towers in healthcare, a foundational component is the Data Lake. 

What is a Data Lake?

A data lake is where you store vast amounts of structured and unstructured data from your organization. The beauty of a data lake is that it is cheap, scalable, and agile. A data lake makes it much easier to store and manipulate data as compared to conventional databases. In healthcare, the data you can store can range from patient records and clinical notes to operational and financial data. This data is stored in a secure, HIPAA compliant, cloud-based environment.

Cross Organization Visibility 

Data lakes consolidate diverse healthcare data, breaking down silos that traditionally hindered data accessibility and analysis. This centralization is crucial for AI control towers, which require a holistic view of healthcare operations to function optimally.

Enhancing AI Decision-Making

AI control towers rely on lots of high-quality data to power their predictive analysis. Data lakes provide this essential fuel. Data breadth and depth is important in developing predictive models so that have enough information for their training.

Generative AI implications for to Data Lakes

With Generative AI new use cases are emerging that leverage your organizations vast bank of textual documentation. 

We have lots of experience managing numerical structured datasets, we need to apply those same data quality principles to our text documentation.

Controls are required to manage data duplication and obsolescence, such as robust tagging and metadata (data on the data). 

Data-Driven Healthcare

Data is the engine to drive analytics and prediction. Data lakes are an essential component of any modern data and analytics platform. Data Lakes are a foundation component to an AI control tower that is set to transform how healthcare providers manage operations, make decisions, and ultimately, deliver patient care. 

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