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AI Control Tower - make your systems smarter

We are seeing a race for all systems to embed AI into their solutions - this is great, and as has been said, AI is the new electricity, it will be everywhere. But there are a few constraints with relying on your existing applications to accelerate your move to AI.

A) You need data from across your organization to make intelligent decisions – understanding the implications of given decisions and the connective issues or just plain historical data from other systems

B) Systems of record vs systems of innovation - we call this 2-speed IT. You have systems of record that are a backbone to your organization. These by their nature are at scale, have a big scope with many users, and move slow – but are an essential component to everyday life in your organization – think EHR in healthcare and ERP outside of healthcare. Systems of innovation by contrast move very quickly, focus on the critical aspects of your organization’s value proposition in the marketplace – think patient risk and prediction algorithms in healthcare, think of forecasting demand, or optimization of scheduling.  These move fast and are tailored to your specific organization. 

An AI Control Tower addresses these challenges – a system that makes your existing systems smarter – not trying to replace or reinvent the investments and infrastructure you have, but to leverage it and scale their impact.  An AI control tower looks across your organization – sensing and responding to situations across your organization – developing a cross system coordination.  The modeling, insights, and actions that an AI Control Tower develops is tailored to your organization, with your specific objectives. By implementing an AI Control Tower to make your existing systems smarter you’ll be applying AI to those critical components of your organization and developing a platform for your organization to get better results faster and cheaper.

Learn more at @Aidan Health

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