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Deciphering Copilots...

With all the hype around #copilots nowadays - we figured we give a quick summary on what the various options are and how they compare with an AI Control Tower.... (Microsoft-centric comparison here)

Web-based copilots - Microsoft CoPilot (Bing) and CoPilot Pro (paid version)

- these are individual focused, web search focused, with some add ins available. Think of these as a next generation search tool. The Pro version ($20/user/month) has some ability to integrate with #MSOffice. Ability to load up some documents individually.

Productivity Copilots - Microsoft 365 CoPilot & Copilot studio

- These capabilities are focused on the productivity suite - with much more integration and use in tools like #MSTeams. This requires an Office license plus $30/user/month. The Studio ($200/month) allows a customized chat flow - off of the old Power Virtual Assistant framework. This has the ability to load up static data sets from your organization and is very text-centric in its analysis.

AI Control Tower - by Aidan Health

- The #AIControlTower provides a solution that transforms how users interact with information. A role-based solution, this solution incorporates Key Performance Indicators (KPIs), Recommended Actions, and an Interrogation area with prompt suggestions for users - based on those KPIs. Users can then interrogate and interact with their own data sets. You are able to load up dynamic data sets and analyze both numerical and textual data. Custom workflows and actions are part of this role-based solution.

Hope that helps put the Microsoft Copilot option set in perspective - reach out with any questions!

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