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ai prediction to improve the healthcare value equation 

Build your Anticipatory Enterprise 

Predict patient demand

Predict smart staff scheduling

Predict patient score

Predict no-shows

Predict high-cost actions so that you can implement lower-cost solutions and increase revenue

By predicting high-cost acute and urgent care needs, 
you can pivot your out-patient strategy.


  • increase acute care and practice capacity

  • reallocate resources and increase staff efficiency

  • identify higher acuity care needs

  • lower cost of care per patient

Aidan introduces Prediction as a Service (PaaS)
Know more, plan better, increase revenue


Actionable Intelligence Platform for Healthcare Providers

aidan increases revenue, cuts cost, and improves patient engagement

HC Analytics is now Aidan Health!

Hospital Staff

optimize your staff and assets, engage better with patients

Aidan can help boost retention of staff, and improve workplace and worker satisfaction by scheduling smarter shifts.

orchestrate scheduling seamlessly

Juggling patients, staff and assets is difficult. Add the complexity of today’s in-person and virtual visits, and scheduling has become a pain point. Aidan makes the process seamless, and takes the pressure off front desk and the necessity of third-party call centres 

Doctor Using Digital Tablet
Smiling Doctor

retain staff

A short supply, and high demand for health workers has made for a competitve market. That’s why it’s more important than ever to incorporate the human asset factor when scheduling patient visits and care. Turnover today is high. Aidan can help boost retention of staff, and improve workplace and worker satisfaction by scheduling smarter shifts.

​confidently predict patient no-shows

AIDAN has taken sophisticated machine learning and AI capabilities, and packaged them into an easy-to-consume service that drives real-world business results through predictive insights.

Hospital Waiting Room
Medical form with stethoscope

cut costs while increasing revenue

Appointment prediction insights are applied to scheduling strategies that increase patient accessibility while improving revenue and your organization’s productivity.

Predicting Patient Demand

Free trial - Predicting Patient Demand– only cost of data consumption for 2 mos. of use. Basic forecast model, 1 specialty / 1 model with minimal inputs


Basic Plan:  $2500 + compute costs for basic demand forecasting, 1 specialty (2 models)


Advanced Plan:  $5000 + compute costs for 2 specialties (4 models)


Enterprise Plan:  $10,000 + compute costs for up to 4 specialties (8 models)

$1500 for each additional model

Minimum One year contract, billed monthly


What you get;

  • Access to Aidan customer portal

  • Weekly patient demand forecast (6–8-week horizon)

  • Monthly patient demand forecast (6–12-month horizon)

  • By location up to 50 specific geographies

  • Up to 4 specialties / product lines

  • Forecast review and edit process via customer portal

  • Provider requirements based on forecast.

  • Staffing requirements vs current from forecast

  • Recommended actions on staffing, recruiting, credentialing



  • Patient wait time reduction

  • Identify patients in need of care

  • More efficient staffing / staffing aligned with demand

  • More lead time for hiring and credentialing

  • More reliable forecast for budgeting

  • Run planning scenarios

aidan predict platform

A.I. Prediction as a Service

Know more, plan better, increase revenue

predict patient demand

understand demand and plan accordingly - staffing, contracting, scheduling 

aidan remind

Intelligent Patient Interaction

for better operations

predict + schedule

Build schedules smarter and increase capacity. Personalize provider schedules for better retention 

predict patient stream

Stream patients correctly for high-value specialties. Let surgeons operate and not consult.

ex. Orthopedics

aidan engage

Interact with patients better for improved patient enagement

aidan specialty scheduling

Increase shceduling capacity by eliminating no-shows. Automatically plan around constraints

Meet the aidan Leadership Team









Scheduling is difficult. Planning is hard. Prediction and forecasting is even harder.

EHR's can't do it alone


aidan can…  AI-powered prediction, planning and scheduling 


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